Hooves and Paws Pet Sitting

So your pets feel at home even when you're not.


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Here is what others are saying about Hooves and Paws!

Quotes "Raechel and Dan are terrific! They are on speed dial for pet sitting." Quotes
Sue Blair
Carpe Diem Farms, Highlands, NC

Quotes Hooves and Paws have done a great job in sitting my dogs. I have 4 - These 2 big ones, as you can see, are happy when Dan is here. Quotes
Marianne Vines
Huskies' mom

Quotes Raechel and Dan Mason are a godsend for pet owners who need a safe, happy, loving place to leave pets when they can't travel with them! Our Wally has issues with too many people around at one time, so we are unable to take him with us in our dragracing travels because of the huge crowds of people. Raechel and Dan take such good care of him and treat him like one of the family. He is more pampered and spoiled by them than by us which is fine by me because I feel guilty having to leave him so often! Dan and Raechel are so great with him that I never worry about how he is when we are gone, he is safe, loved and having a great vacation with them! They are the only pet sitters I wil use and highly recommend their excellent service!! Quotes
Sue Weston
Wallys Happy Mom

Quotes Raechel and Dan are great pet sitters. We have horses, and they are the kind of people you can trust with medicines, blankets, proper feeding. I recommend them highly. Our cats love them too. Quotes
Amy Campbell - Rochelson