Hooves and Paws Pet Sitting

So your pets feel at home even when you're not.

Frequently asked questions:

What animals will you pet sit? 

We sit dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, fish, reptiles, birds... any animal who needs us.  

Will you supply references of past clients?

We will be happy to refer you to past clients.  Please visit our "testimonials" page.

What happens if there is a pet emergency while I am away? 

We will provide for this contigency at our initial consultation and contact your primary vet or make other provisions.  We are very aware that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and always put your pet's safety above all else.

Do you keep animals in your home? 

We do not keep animals in our home at this time. However, as we grow, this may change.

My pet is "special needs."  Can you give him specialized care while I am away?  

YES!  With our history of caring for special needs dogs, and years in horse training and care, we have seen many special needs animals and can adapt to your pet's individual situation. 

My pet requires medication.  Can you administer it? 

YES!  We are able to give medication by mouth, with food, or by injection.  We can give meds to dogs, cats, horses, even goats!

What additional services do you offer?  In addition to pets, we will also house sit (stay in your home while you are away), daily care of horses / stalls, doggie hikes, bring in mail, turn lights on / off, take out trash, errands, wash cars, boats, horse trailers, prepare meals, etc.  Anything you need is possible.